Faculty Pursuing Knowledge to Improve Humanity



Faculty Pursuing Knowledge to Improve Humanity


Message from Dr. Selma Botman

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

"Our esteemed faculty are highly accomplished experts in their fields, published authors of scholarly papers and books, research grant recipients, and industry leaders who are dedicated to sharing their deep knowledge with the world."


Designing Novel Mindfulness-Based Interventions to Treat Eating Disorders


Dr. Margarita Sala

Professor of Clinical Psychology
Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology

Dr. Margarita Sala is conducting research that focuses on understanding the role that mindfulness plays in eating and weight disorders. A world-renowned expert in the field, she is developing digital treatments that integrate mindfulness training and cognitive behavioral therapy with the goal of expanding treatment availability for people with eating disorders.

Dr. Sala’s research on eating disorders. Simply Brilliant.

Advancing Medical Technologies Using the Power of Marine Bioluminescent Enzymes


Dr. Anderson Oliveira

Professor of Chemistry
Stern College

Dr. Anderson Oliveira’s research consists of expressing and characterizing new classes of photoproteins—recently isolated by his research team from deep-sea luminous invertebrates, such as corals and squids. The new groups of photoproteins found in some of these organisms are the first wild-type photoproteins able to emit green light upon calcium addition, which presents higher detection sensitivity of calcium-dependent biological processes.

Dr. Oliveira’s research on bioluminescent proteins. Simply Brilliant.

Awarded $433K from the NIH to Combat a Deadly Form of Colorectal Cancer


Dr. Radhashree Maitra

Professor of Biology
Yeshiva College

Dr. Radhashree Maitra is working to combat a deadly form of colorectal cancer (CRC) by targeting a mutant gene (KRAS) with a therapy that abolishes the detrimental consequences of the mutation and improves survival. If successful, her potentially life-saving research could lead to new and efficacious treatment strategies for patients with biologic-refractory KRAS mutated metastatic colorectal cancer, a group representing 45% of all CRC cases.

Dr. Maitra's research on colorectal cancer. Simply Brilliant.

Led the Legal Fight to End Forced Arbitration, Protecting Employees and Consumers


Myriam Gilles

Professor of Law
Cardozo School of Law

Professor Myriam Gilles has been instrumental in the fight to end forced arbitration.  These are provisions hidden in the fine print of standard-form contracts that forfeit a consumer’s or employee's right to a judge and jury, forcing them into a privatized, invisible forum in which they are less likely to prevail. Gilles testified in support of the Ending Forced Arbitration in Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Act, which was signed into law in 2021 and allows victims to bring their claims in public courts — improving their chances of success while deterring potential perpetrators.

Professor Gilles’ fight for justice. Simply Brilliant. 

Awarded $275K from the USDA to Improve the Quality of Frozen Food Products


Dr. Ran Drori

Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Stern College

Dr. Ran Drori’s amazing research has led to a test to learn the exact temperature in which a particular food freezes and how fast ice grows inside it. Because ice particles can adversely affect frozen food products, these measurements are crucial, as they reveal important details that can improve manufacturing and storage procedures. Thanks to Dr. Drori’s research, his new test has the capacity to revolutionize the frozen food industry.

Dr. Drori’s research on controlling ice growth. Simply Brilliant.

Deploying Deep Neural Networks and Computer Vision for Self-Driving Technologies


Dr. Youshan Zhang

Professor of Artificial Intelligence
Katz School of Science
and Health

Because the majority of road accidents occur because of human error, Dr. Youshan Zhang is researching effective ways to overcome this dangerous situation by implementing self-driving technologies in vehicles. He and his team built LaksNet, a highly efficient deep-learning model for self-driving cars that has outperformed many models of its kind and limited the duration of the car going off the track on the simulator. His important work may one day make self-driving cars safer on the road, reducing accidents.

Dr. Zhang's research on self-driving technologies. Simply Brilliant.

Created the First-Ever Chinuch Incubator to Address the Critical Need for Jewish Educators


Rabbi Yehuda Chanales

Director of the Chinuch Incubator
Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education & Administration

As director of the Chinuch Incubator, a joint initiative of YU’s Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and Administration and RIETS, Rabbi Yehuda Chanales is encouraging talented candidates to pursue fulfilling careers in Jewish education. His important work is laying the groundwork, for now and in the future, to ensure the Jewish community will have dedicated educational professionals inspiring our children through a Torah-focused education.

Rabbi Chanales’ work in Jewish education. Simply Brilliant.

Awarded $300K from the NSF to Unlock Energy Growth in Dynamical Systems


Dr. Marian Gidea

Professor of Mathematics
Stern College and Katz School of Science and Health

Dr. Marian Gidea's research is focused on enhancing the foundational understanding of dynamical systems through the development of theories, models, and techniques that could potentially address a range of contemporary scientific and technological issues, such as production of sustainable energy and space exploration.

Dr. Gidea’s research on dynamical systems. Simply Brilliant.

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