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Message from
Dean Melanie Leslie

Cardozo's reputation for academic excellence is rooted in the scholarship of our faculty whose work shapes law and policy. I'm proud to share with you some of the recent works of my colleagues that appeared in major media outlets. I hope you find it thought-provoking.

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Jessica Roth
Democrats Unveil Two Articles of Impeachment: Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Congress

I thought Schiff answered that beautifully by saying we don't have time because we have an imminent threat to the upcoming election and I can point to the eight months it took to get a district court ruling on one of the most important witnesses.

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Kate Shaw
ABC News
Impeachment Trial of President Donald Trump

[The senators] took this oath to do impartial justice under the constitution and the law and I think a lot of legal scholars think that their role is fundamentally different than in their day jobs as senators. They should avoid pre-judging the ultimate outcome of any of this.

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Kyron Huigens
Al Jazeera
Donald Trump: I Support Transparency on ‘So-Called’ Whistleblower Information

In context, there is no question that Mr. Zelinsky is desperate for aid of any kind from the United States. Mr. Trump is the most powerful man in the world and can supply Ukraine with help in counteracting Russian aggression and in context, when Trump says thank you for looking into this, what he is saying is that we have an agreement.

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Deborah Pearlstein
Remote Voting in Congress is a Smart Pandemic Safety Measure

“The Constitution contains no specific requirement of physical presence for members to vote.”

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Ekow Yankah
An Argument For Not Allowing College Athletes To Earn Compensation

I say the answer is to make sure that these young men - and with the revenue generated in sports, it's typically young men - that they get the thing that they were promised that was of value. That is to say they get a college degree that was of value.

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Dean Melanie Leslie 

'A Good Start': Ending Mental Health Question on NY Bar Application May Remove Stigma

I want to send the message to my students that seeking help is a sign of strength, not a sign of weakness. We need to help them understand that, that it’s a positive thing to seek the help that you need and not something they should be ashamed of or afraid to do.

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Chris Buccafusco
The Wall Street Journal
Led Zeppelin Is Cleared in ‘Stairway to Heaven’ Case

The value of a copyright case if a song is from the 60s or 70s probably just went down. That makes it much harder to bring cases about tiny chunks of songs. Those cases will be much harder to win now. My guess is that the amount of money crossing the table will be diminished.

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Kate Levine 
The New York Times 
Police Chief Made Fiery Claim Over MS-13 Murder. Records Dispute It.

Prosecutors can still seek protective orders. There’s no change to how or whether prosecutors can seek a protective order for one of their witnesses.

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Betsy Ginsberg and Alex Reinert
New York Daily News
Lawyers Demand Release of 500-Plus 'Medically Vulnerable’ Detainees from Brooklyn Jail

New York right now is the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic and facilities that hold incarcerated people are just disasters waiting to happen in terms of spread of disease and housing vulnerable populations and lacking adequate steps and equipment and expertise to address the disease when it spreads.

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Michael Herz
Supreme Court to Hear Case Over Constitutionality of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

I think the betting is 5-4 to say this is no good with a predictable five and a predictable four.

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Myriam Gilles
Consumer Reports 
Forced Arbitration: A Clause for Concern

The only objective of forced, predispute, class-banning arbitration clauses is to deter small-dollar claims.

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Sam Weinstein 
Amazon Falls After Report That the Company Prioritized Profit in Its Search Listings

The optics are bad, because it lines up with these theories about how we think the platforms are abusing their power, favoring their own business.

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David Rudenstine
New York Law Journal
New Law School Class Explores How President Trump Is Threatening the Constitutional Order

The basic premise of the course is that President Trump has through his conduct and his words challenged the constitutional order in a way it has not been challenged in the last century, maybe the last two centuries. My guess is that the common ground for people is that the administration has raised a lot of constitutional issues and whether you are in favor or not you’d want to understand what’s at stake.

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Richard Weisberg
Daily News
A Pre-Coronavirus Glimpse of a Chinese City that Will Never be Thought of the Same Way Again

The curiosities of Chinese libel law arrest the analyst and link China to us more than they sunder us. For my colleagues in China, what grows old and what dies merit a respect Westerners can only wonder about, until a pandemic happens.

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