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Message from
Dean Melanie Leslie

Cardozo's reputation for academic excellence is rooted in the scholarship of our faculty whose work shapes law and policy. I'm proud to share with you some of the recent works of my colleagues that appeared in major media outlets. I hope you find it thought-provoking.

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Kate Shaw
Huge numbers of Abortion Cases Heading To Supreme Court To Test Limits Of Roe v. Wade

The justices have other cases in the pipeline that might have allowed them to chip away more gradually at Roe and Casey. The decision to take up the Mississippi case suggests to me that the contingent on the court that wishes to proceed more directly to reconsider the core of Roe and Casey has prevailed.

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Ekow Yankah
The Washington Post
Chauvin Defense Team Attempts to Put George Floyd’s Drug Addiction On The Stand

We would be lying to ourselves if we didn’t point out that there’s a long history of making Black victims of police violence dangerous. And not just dangerous, but dangerous in a way that requires incredibly violent submission because of the shadow of drugs.

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Chris Buccafusco
Billboard Op-Ed
Spotify's 'Discovery Mode' Is Payola, Just Not the Bad Kind

If Congress is worried about music distribution & artist equity, it should focus its attention on the increasing market power of platforms & labels—not on the smaller artists trying to get a leg up.

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Deborah Pearlstein
Associated Press
Remote Court Fight Against Georgia Voting Overhaul No Sure Thing

The cumulative effect of the 2013 decision and subsequent measures enacted by states is to really empower states who are interested in limiting voting to do that with more of a hope that they will be able to survive legal challenges.

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Peter Markowitz
USA Today
A Pardon For Dreamers? Some Activists Tout Amnesty for Undocumented Immigrants if Congress Doesn't Act

Everybody would prefer that this type of durable protection be delivered through legislation. But if that proves impossible, clemency at least gives undocumented immigrants peace of mind that they can’t be deported. 

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Dean Melanie Leslie
The Activision Blizzard Lawsuit Could Be a Watershed Moment For the Business World. Here's Why

"Most important, internal investigations do little to get at the real problem -- the need to change a particular corporate culture. What's really needed is effective ethical leadership." 

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Pamela Foohey
The Hill Op-Ed
Regulators Must Get Ahead Of The Coming Wave of Loan Defaults

Now is the moment for policymakers and financial regulators to learn from their mistakes during the Great Recession in leaving people on their own to determine how to manage their debts. 

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Kate Levine
The Washington Post
When Police Kill People, They Are Rarely Prosecuted And Hard To Convict 

It’ll be much harder for Mr. Chauvin to claim the usual justification of self-defense than it is when there are shooting deaths. It’s very hard for him to say, ‘I was in fear for my life when I knelt on this man’s neck.’

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Sam Weinstein
Yahoo! Finance
Apple CEO Tim Cook Is Right — A More Open iPhone Could Carry a Hidden Cost For Consumers

Antitrust courts don't care so much about safety — they care about competition. So I'm wondering if that's ever been a persuasive argument.

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Alex Reinert
The New York Times
Cracks In A Legal Shield For Officers’ Misconduct

The Supreme Court remains very committed to qualified immunity being a forceful defense in civil rights cases and certainly in police excessive force cases.

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Rebekah Diller and Leslie Salzman
Business Insider Op-Ed
It's Not Just Britney Spears — Over a Million Adults In The U.S. Are Under Legal Conservatorships, And They Often Fail To Protect Those They Are Meant To Help

Today, in most states, courts are supposed to consider less restrictive alternatives and narrowly tailor any guardianship order to preserve maximum autonomy. Yet these reforms, which are often ignored in practice, have not gone far enough.

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Anthony Sebok
Law 360
N.J. Federal Court May Require 3rd-Party Funding Disclosures

I don't think it's going to directly affect anyone's decision whether to seek funding. What I do think it is going to do is indirectly affect whether or not they are offered funding.

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Laura Cunningham
NY Attorney General Has Been Looking Into The Taxes of Trump Organization CFO For Months, Sources Say

Direct payments for someone else's tuition from a person to a school would not raise red flags for tax law violations. But it's a different story if the tuition or medical payments are coming from someone's employer.

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Lela Love
Business Insider

VC Tim Draper Just Gave Seed Funding To A Startup That Wants to Disrupt The Multi-Billion Dollar Business Of Settling Disputes

Fairness is based on mutual, contractual agreement in arbitration. It also needs to be a truly neutral mechanism that isn't swayed by gender, geography, or race, like in jury selection.

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Jessica Roth
Explainer: With No Self-Pardon In Hand, Private Citizen Trump Faces Uncertain Legal Future

Not receiving a pardon makes it more likely that Giuliani would cooperate with prosecutors and implicate Trump if charged. Without the possibility of a pardon, the prospect of a conviction and potential prison sentence becomes more real, providing an incentive to cooperate to receive more favorable treatment.

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Kathryn Miller 
Supreme Court Rejects Restrictions On Life Without Parole For Juveniles

A lot of times these judges really want to still focus on the facts of the crime even though it is years or decades later. They're not interested in the rehabilitation narrative.

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Ed Stein
The New Yorker
How Polyamorists and Polygamists Are Challenging Family Norms

Many polyamorists claim to have been drawn to nonmonogamy for as long as they have experienced sexual desire, and that many nominal monogamists have intractable difficulty remaining that way, suggesting that a polyamorous orientation may be both innate and immutable.

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David Rudenstine
The New York Times
The Pentagon Papers Decision, Hailed As a Flat-Out Free-Speech Victory, In Reality, Had A More Complicated Effect.

What would be the law today if the case had come out differently? It’s very possible that there could have been a prosecution of The Times. That would have changed American law quite a lot.

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