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Faculty with Impact

Cardozo Professors in the Media



Cardozo's reputation for academic excellence is rooted in the scholarship of our faculty, whose work shapes law and policy. I'm proud to share with you some of the recent works of my colleagues that have appeared in major media outlets. I hope you find them thought-provoking.

Jessica Roth

Jessica Roth


“I think that the throughline through this trial was about the pattern, the consistency of what he had done to those two other women who came forward, with the account that E. Jean Carroll gave and the Access Hollywood tape.”


Michael Pollack


“Most states have some statute on the books that says something about the circumstances under which a court should not enforce a particular HOA (Homeowners Association) rule or something like that, but usually, those statutes are written to say something like a court should not enforce a restriction or the rule if it is totally arbitrary or against public policy, which is a very narrow set of things. It’s almost unheard of for a court to intervene in the day-to-day.”

Saraubh HS-1

Saurabh Vishnubhakat

Law 360

“There’s a finding here that Judge Fitzpatrick’s belief that expanded panel rehearings in the Adidas-Nike case was unlawful. It’s likely the office will appeal to get a contrary holding, one that says that any belief that this is unlawful can’t be reasonable because as long as a belief to the contrary is reasonable, there’s a cloud of doubt of legality over what they are capable of doing under the [office’s] standard operating procedure.”


Kathryn Miller


“The history of the death penalty is a history of arbitrariness. The process of “death qualification” bars jurors who are opposed to the death penalty from serving on capital punishment juries, which she said can result in a skewed and biased jury.”

notivictor hs

Jacob Noti-Victor

Law 360

“The mashup was likely supposed to indicate that Sheeran was familiar with “Let’s Get It On” and that he understood some of the technical similarities—such that it “wouldn’t be a reach to sort of circumstantially conclude he copied the song. But from what I understand, this is the kind of thing that musicians [and] songwriters love playing around with —especially because with pop music, there are so many common chord [progressions] that occur. I wouldn’t have read it as a smoking gun, and I’m glad the jury didn’t either.”


Edward Zelinsky

Tax Notes

“It has become customary to dismiss a president’s budget proposals as dead on arrival, particularly when a president confronts one house of Congress controlled by the other party. But long-term political realities are more complicated. Proposals once declared dead on arrival have a way of resurrecting in the long run. It thus behooves the supporters of Biden’s proposals for private foundation reforms to couple them with recommended code amendments that would extend sections 4940 and 4942 to DAFs. There may not be an immediate payoff to that advocacy. But it ultimately makes sense to establish parity between private foundations and DAFs by subjecting DAFs to the same annual minimum payout rules and modest income tax payments the code imposes on private foundations.”


Pamela Foohey

Wall Street Journal

“The households that were on the financial ledge to begin with might have been tipped to the point where it’s hard to keep up on the car loan and everything else, and people have to make some very hard decisions.”

Luís Carlos Calderón Gómez

Luís Carlos Calderón Gómez

Tax Notes

“There’s a new tax avoidance/evasion scheme in town. In the past few years, high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth individuals have flocked to life insurance as the scheme du jour.”


Alexander Reinert

NY Daily News

“The Board of Correction has made progress towards ending inhumane practices of restrictive confinement in New York, but the Department of Correction tried to end-run around those reforms with practices that we challenged here. We hope this litigation will ensure that the City permanently ceases this practice, and that the settlement will provide much-deserved compensation to the people who were subjected to it.”


Derrick Hamilton

ABA Journal

“What I teach [the students at Cardozo] more than anything else is that their job as lawyers is to change the criminal justice system. We have an obligation to not just become lawyers but to improve the system… We should be involved in change.”

Levine 800

Kate Levine


“When you have these high-salience events, I think you do see charges in a way that you wouldn’t have perhaps in the past.”


Anthony Sebok

The Hill

“Many startups continue to force arbitration in situations of alleged sexual misconduct. We’re going to see a ton of emails go out in the next week indicating that this is now the law. I’m concerned that the bill leaves out the people who are most deserving of judicial adjudication in the tech industry and beyond.”


Young Ran (Christine) Kim

Bloomberg Law

“Maryland has said that it is going to use the tax revenue for educational programs, and I think this is a very good policy to achieve a more distributional goal for the state government.”


Mauricio Noroña

WNYC and Gothamist

“One of the most fulfilling experiences I’ve had working in the clinic was meeting Lorenzo and supervising the students who worked on his case. Despite the injustices he had endured in his life, Lorenzo remained relentlessly optimistic. This inspired the students to take on the highly complex factual and legal puzzle to secure his return.”

Andrea_Schneider_547-RET-flat-Hi-RES Cropped

Andrea Schneider


“I think that’s hard with AI because they’re negotiating about something that no one is certain what the impact will be years from now.”

Vovk Square HS

Dmytro Vovk


Vovk said that “at least 26” religious leaders had been killed in Ukraine since the war began on Feb. 24, 2022, while “many others” had been “detained, tortured or subjected to humiliating treatment.”

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