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Find your passion and choose from specializations in child welfare practice, school social work, creative arts and healing, trauma practice, social work practice with the military, and gerontology and palliative care.

Study on your terms by selecting the right program offering for you. Attend classes full or part-time and begin in the fall, spring, or summer semester. You can choose to go right into the field after graduation or to continue onto a PhD.

Get personalized attention from your assigned faculty advisor who will oversee your field experience and mentor your career growth. Classes are small and nurturing to encourage interaction between faculty and students, and to help you build your professional network.

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Earn your MSW starting in the summer, fall, or winter in whichever format you choose.


Full-time traditional: Our traditional program begins in the fall and takes two years to complete. Your weekdays will be split between classes and fieldwork.

Part-time extended: If you study part-time you can begin courses in fall or spring and graduate in three years. Classes are held once a week on Sunday nights and you can complete your fieldwork at your workplace as long as it meets Wurzweiler’s educational requirements.

Advanced Standing: If you have a bachelor’s degree in social work, you might qualify for the advanced standing program. You can study full-time, part-time, or during the summer block, and finish your degree in as little as a year.


On Campus: Experience NYC in our face to face program led by our faculty of experienced clinicians. Classes are small and encourage close relationships between faculty and students.

Live-online: This is our newest program which offers you the opportunity to livestream your classes through a free video conferencing platform. You can study at the same pace as on-campus students right from the comfort of home.

Online: Our online program allows you to earn your degree at your own pace, from anywhere in the world. You can take your courses full-time or part-time to accommodate your schedule.

Summer Block: Our summer block program is a great option if you want to study in NYC during the summer and complete your fieldwork in your home community during the academic year. You can study on campus for four weeks with an online component or eight weeks in person.



At Wurzweiler, our faculty really get to know you. Your professors will know your name, learn your strengths and weaknesses, and work hard to help you become a competent professional ready to begin your career. Our faculty have expertise in trauma and trauma practice, crisis intervention, work with children and adolescents, geriatrics, veterans, addictions, gendered violence, immigration, and social policy change—just to name a few. They are experienced clinicians committed to changing the world and they want to share that expertise with you through your coursework and fieldwork.

Our Faculty


Charles Auerbach, Professor

Nancy Beckerman, Professor

Joan Beder, Professor

Laurie Blackman, Professor

Timothy B. Conley, Professor

Jill B. Feigeles, Assistant Professor

Hanni Flaherty, Assistant Professor and Associate Director of PhD Program

Ronnie Glassman, Clinical Professor

Lisa Henshaw, Assistant Professor

Kathrine Krase, Associate Professor

Shannon Lane, Associate Professor

Lynn Levy, Assistant Professor

Susan Mason, Professor

Katherine Mitchell, Assistant Professor

Daniel Pollack, Professor

Tzipora Shub, Clinical Faculty

Sari Skolnik, Assistant Professor

Gary L. Stein, Professor

Jay Sweifach, Professor, Associate Dean and Director PhD Program



The summer block program is set up in a really streamlined, effective way to become the best social worker we can be."


- Rachel Max, MSW Summer Student


Required foundation practice courses

  • Social Welfare Organization
  • Human Behavior and the Social Environment I & II
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Social Work Practice and Evaluation Research
  • Generalist Social Work Practice I & II
  • Generalist Field Work I & II

Electives (Students must take 4 electives to graduate)

  • Immigration
  • Social Work in Health Care
  • Social Work Practice in Schools
  • Child and Family Welfare
  • Gerontology
  • Spirituality in Social Work Practice
  • Law and Social Work
  • Psychosocial Social Dimensions of AIDS
  • Coping with Loss
  • Evidence-Based Mental Health Practice
  • Social Work Practice with Trauma &
  • Interpersonal Violence*
  • Family Systems*

*Requires completion of Foundation Practice I and Foundation Field Work I courses.

Required advanced practice courses

  • Social Welfare Policy
  • Psychosocial Pathology or Administration
  • Jewish Social Philosophy
  • Social Work Values and Ethics
  • Applied Methods in Social Work Research
  • Any of the following courses: Advanced Clinical Practice I & II, Group Work I & II, Community Social Work I & II, Advanced Field Work I & II, Integrative Seminar I & II, or Integrative Essay

Advanced Electives

  • SW Practice with Veterans & their Families
  • Supervision
  • Advanced Psychosocial Pathology
  • Advanced Administration
  • Social Work with Groups
  • Grantsmanship
  • Advanced Policy and Practice in Gerontology
  • Community Mental Health
  • Social Work Practice with Children

Prerequisite for all these courses is Foundation Practice I & II & Foundation Field Work I & II. This list does not necessarily reflect all courses currently available for your specific program.